Know your body, not just your weight Want to know if you’re burning fat and gaining muscle? Or whether you’re actually losing weight not just water? QardioBase 2 smart scale makes it possible. Track your progress beyond numbers with smart feedback. Reach your goals BMI, muscle, fat, bone and water composition – QardioBase 2 body offers more metrics to help you focus on long term goals. Pregnancy mode QardioBase 2 has a dedicated mode for moms-to-be, allowing them to track weekly progress and add pictures to their numbers. Switch to Pregnancy Mode to track your progress week-by-week, during and after this happy time. For the modern home QardioBase 2 is sleek enough to blend into any room and beautiful enough to be the center of attention. Weight off your mind With automatic user recognition, auto syncing and intelligent result tracking – QardioBase Wi-Fi scale offers effortless user experience. Weight and more QardioBase 2 smart scale measures your weight, BMI (body mass index), and full body composition (body fat %, muscle, water and bone mass). Made for sharing QardioBase body fat scale is designed for the whole family to enjoy, cleverly recognizing multiple users of the same household automatically. Minimalist elegance QardioBase 2 body composition scale is sleek enough to blend into any room, beautiful enough to be the center of attention and accurate on any surface. Smart feedback QardioBase offers this unique feedback mode, using smileys, rather than numbers to track your progress towards your individual goal. Haptic feedback With haptic feedback, a gentle vibration lets you know your measurement has been taken, suitable for those with visual impairment. Powerful Data Sharing Share your measurement data with family and friends automatically or send your readings to your doctor via email, using the Qardio App. Recharcheable and Wireless Sync QardioBase 2 requires no batteries and you only need to charge it once a year with normal use. It is simple to set up and use Bluetooth and Wifi technology to sync your data with your Qardio App automatically.

QardioBase 2 juhtmevaba nutikaal Volcanic Black

Laokood: B100-IWB
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